About us


Our Philosophy

We understand the fact that child care services should be regular and timely so as not to disrupt the child’s schedule and inconvenience the parents. We provide trained teachers and caregivers that will take the utmost care of the child and someone that the child should be comfortable being around. As choosing a child care center is not an easy task; the parent can inquire from other parents who have availed our services and can verify about the standards and the facilities, so that they know that their child will be nurtured in the best possible environment by the best possible teachers and trainers in the field.

-We believe that children are precious and must receive care from adults who are capable and caring—whose values enable them to be excellent role models.

-Parents contribute to, and enhance the quality of care offered Sunshine Daycare.

-Sun Shine Day Care welcomes those of diverse faiths, ethnic origins, and race.

Our Mission and vision


Some people may not have enough time to look after their kids properly. We at Sunshine Daycare center offer great help for such parents with a busy schedule. We are able to understand the concerns of the parents and provide great care to the kids. Our institution offers multiple programs and so the parents often feel confident and satisfied with their child’s environment. Some of such programs are designed for infants. Infants usually range from newborns to two years old. This is the time for the kid to learn how to walk and speak. So, special care is needed for infants.


We understand that an ideal day care center must have a stimulating atmosphere and it must be able to offer an opportunity for the kids to gain social skills. The centers will also prepare the kids to attend nursery school or kindergarten. While choosing a day care center, we are aware that as parents, you have to consider a lot of factors. You need to consider the facilities offered by the center, payments, and the number of children per minder.


You will have to ensure whether the day care facility that you are choosing will ensure the proper safety of your child. You need to visit the day care center regularly and have to make proper inquiries about your ward. You have to analyze the sick room facilities and the availability of trained staffs on first aid. You also have to verify whether the day care center possesses good sanitation facilities or not.

We make sure that the staffs in the center must be well trained and able to keep the child engaged and safe. The staffs must possess CPR skills, first-aid knowledge, and experience with infant child care. Our center employs only good quality staffs after a thorough background check has been done on them. We employ only those who will be quite beneficial and those who will be able to actively participate in kid’s activities. They will communicate with the parents of the kids and be responsive to the various needs of the kids who can be anywhere between the age of six weeks until twelve years old. Being a high-quality daycare center we want and insist on parental involvement. We regularly conduct parent-teacher conferences and discuss child’s progress. There is video monitoring also as such surveillance and video monitoring adds to the security factor for the kids. We aim to provide a home style environment where the parents are comfortable when they know that there child feels at home when they are left at our care and vigilance.


Therefore it is our mission and vision to provide each and every child out dedicated and custom made services so that they can grow up in a friendly atmosphere where they get to learn new things every day under the watchful and caring eyes of our teachers and staff.